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. a break in the case of a woman killed in her home. right home, right here in california. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, thursday morning, october 11th, i am pam cook. >> i heard it around 12:30, he woke me up, it was hard to get back to sleep. rain in the north bay. >> there was an there were reports of thunder and lightning and also hail but most of that moved out to the pacific and there could be an isolated shower but it came off the sierra nevada and most of it is moving south with a lot of cool 60s. southbound 101, it looks
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good on the richmond bridge getting across. and past mission boulevard heading down to the hill things look clear, let's go back to the desk. san jose firefighters are looking for a serial arsonist. they say he struck again last night. matt keller is there where with he just spoke to a neighbor about this latest attack, good morning, matt. >> reporter: you can see it is obvious a fire was started here. now the fence behind it was removed after the previous fire was damaged by flames. firefighters say this is the 9th trash bin fire in west san jose in the past two weeks. now judy says people dumped all kind of stuff in the alley behind her home including all
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kind of flammable items. >> next day i came out, it was all burned. that was the first fire, all that stuff had burned and they cleaned that out and dumpster was replaced and then another fire and then another one. >> the fire has only damaged trees and fires. they are worried they could start small trash fires and moved to bigger ones. they are handing out these flyers to neighbors and that took place 11 hours before the fire and they are hoping somebody saw something. this morning people are still in the hospital after a triple shooting last night. just after 9:30 witnesses reported hearing gunshots on east 12th street.
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a photographer said two cars were hit with the bullets. one person died at the scene and the other people died of -- suffered multiple gunshot wounds and police are still looking for the suspects. the couple is now considered persons of interest in the killing of a hercules woman. susan was found stabbed to death and a break in the case was found yesterday when they spotted the family's stolen subaru and tried to talk to the driver. >> when we looked through the dark windows a male popped up and the car immediately started up and officers boxed in the car and or rested the couple. the couple is wanted in connection with an alleged crime spree which involved a jail break, a shootout with a sheriff's deputy and a series
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of car jacksings. terkish fighter jets are landing under suspicion. that plane had departed from russia. reportedly the plane's cargo was is seized and allowed to carry on and they are asking them to stop weapons transfers to areas where they brought rally -- brutally massacred several people. coming up, what the two men are revealing about the strategies for tonight's debate and which candidate is favored to went the debate in the latest poll. and battling the exchange commission on several days to the initial public offering. they counted the ads link to
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customer's friends according to a survey. the s.e.c. demand proof but the -- but if they cannot, they told facebook not to use the numbers. they asked them to drop the nielsen evens and they asked if they were counting some of their mobile users twice. they saw somebody open fire on an open muni rail bus. they heard gunshots and all the passengers ducked. the driver quickly drove a short distance a what -- distance away and everybody got out and the bullet had never penetrated the bus. both the a's and giants have made amazing come backs,
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tara? >> that is right, we are here at 10:00 and there will be a lot of folks gathered throughout san francisco which we understand a lot will be opening early and let's not forget about the oakland a's who pulled off a last minute win. >> seth smith is coming around and the oakland a's will live another day... >> the as beat the detroit tigers at rocking coliseum last night and as the as would have it they couldn't great lasted -- congratulated the hero of the game. cocoa crisp. [applauds] >> reporter: and the giants win over the reds and they take the national league and lines come had -- lines come had an
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incredible -- tim lincecum had an incredible game. >> we should be used to the pitching coming up big when they need to and now the offense has arrived and tomorrow will be awesome. >> and it starts at 10:07. a wills will not play yet but i want you to know my orange coat is at the dry cleaners and i am not a cincinnati reds fan. >> i was wondering about that. >> i was a little curious. deep inside, she is a giants fan. >> yes, and so is sal. are you going to making it home? >> i will be there, pam. good morning, if you are driving anywhere in the near future, it looks good on the east shore freeway as you head out to the mcarthur maze, no
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problems as he drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems getting on to the bridge and into the city. if you are driving on the peninsular 280 still looks nice and fremont traffic is off to a good start as you look to the south bay, it's nice and wide open for you. well, yesterday we had san mateo coasts, things calmed down and it was sunny and warm and here came those clouds, 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon right off the sierra, we talked about how they can come from the south or east to west and we found reports of hail and some rain. most of it has moved out to the pacific but it may give us a cloud or two and an isolated shower and there is an
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extension sufficient fog bank when you get into the highs you can see the lows. occasionally one of these could sneak in. 50s on the temperatures, i didn't know where they will go. we could keep that on shore westerly breeze coming. isolated shower or two, i don't think we will get any kind of a performance with mother nature and 50s and 60s and very low 70s. not much change friday and the coast stays about the same. inland temperatures could get very warm but we will ease into it. a series in san rafael and it took people awhile to figure out they were involved.
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good morning, westbound 237 as you drive through it looks good getting to sunny veil and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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jerry sanduskys as victims of a conspiracy. they called the 10 boys -- 10 boys who accused him of assault as liars. they sent the football -- sentenced the football coach to at least 30 years in prison. government officials say terrorists killed the long time worker at the u.s. embassy in yemen. a masked gunman was headed to the embassy where he had worked for nearly 20 years. the driveby shooting was far and the association says they have the fingerprints of al qaeda and they are connected to the september 11th attack after it killed chris stevens. mitt romney said if he is elected he will get tough on china. he is pledging to designate china as a currency
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manipulator. they are going there for 18 years and they are setting back with china, the fastest growing in experts. it could hurt them to deal with china on issues with north korea and iran. florida is the biggest battleground state in the upcoming election. and recent polls show obama beating mitt romney by 1 percentage point in florida. president barack obama is planning on being more aggressive. and he is facing vice- presidential candidate paul ryan and here is more on what boat candidates are saying about tonight's debate. >> reporter: paul ryan says he and vice-president joseph biden have known each other for years so he knows what to expect as they go head to head
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in the first and only vice- presidential debate. he will emphasize the clear differences between them. >> what he can't learn from is his undefensible record. >> reporter: he says he is studying up on ryan's record in congress and will make that the focus tonight. >> governor mitt romney has embraced everything i can see. i don't want to say anything in the debate that is not completely accurate. >> a closer look at who most americans think will win tonight's debate. coming up. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and done for get you can watch it right here beginning at 6:00 and the news will
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follow immediately afterwards and we are also streamingit live on our website -- streaming it live on our website drift wood court has been targeted and the burglars are taking advantage of open doors and unlocked windows which appear to be focused on it. in just a few hours, a preliminary hearing for a teen who is accused of stealing a car. he allegedly shot at a couple in mill valley back in april. authorities think he was angry about a romantic rejection. wade is also accused of stealing a she have's car from the san francisco dealership last march. and the meningitis outbreak, they have provided
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tainted medication before. they say, so far 12 people have died. a lawsuit was filed against the company back in 2004 overall fakes of an outbreak that caused -- over allegations of an outbreak that caused a different form of meningitis. he was awarded a nobel prize. he was the winner after the swedish academy selected him saying he merges folk tail, history and contemporary. as with the other nobel prizes, they are worth 1.2 million dollars. >> if there was a nobel prize for traffic, hands down, sal
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would receive it. >> no acceptance speeches, thank you pam. we are looking at san francisco approaching the 880 split that trough is -- that traffic is moving well and we don't have to worry about traffic implicationings for today. and if you are driving in san jose any time soon, we are off to a decent start, northbound 101 is looking good. let's go to steve. san jose has taken all the brunt of the rain and thunder and lightning and we'll see rain totals in a second. all of a sudden here came all the totals and right over us. we had some okay rain. mountain view 12 / 100th and
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other areas had good thunderstorms yesterday morning. there could still be an isolated shower may be again towards san jose by this evening and more likely san jose south. showers are moving and there is a big fog bank and we have a pronounced sea breeze. some will move from high today. occasionally this is a crowd for -- cloud range forecast but by 4:00 again right off the sierra nevada by 6:00 tonight, from livermore to the pass, and santa clara valley, i would keep an eye out to the east because it could clip us. there will be a lot of clouds
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left in place cools windy 50s and 60s. not much change but that will mainly be inland temperatures. they cut the rating which is one level above that. despite that, the usual peanut stock markets closed down almost and they are losing more than half of a percent each. checking in on our numbers, futures do point to a slightly higher opening and dow jones industrial average up 128 points, nasdaq and s&p 500 are also up and it will depend on
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other earnings today. a bomb scare aboard a bus, the words written on the suspicious package and we will have more on what was found inside.
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. ktvu channel 2 morning news chopper 2 flew over the scene of a point scare where somebody
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-- bomb scare where somebody left a box and shut down the evening commute for nearly two hours. they x-rayed the box and determined it was empty. for the first time pc shipments are expected to decline this year. compute you are sales have dragged all year and that's likely to mean a 1.2% don't off by -- drop off by 2012. others have seen an increase in sales and people are deciding to hold onto their older pcs longer. ebay has redesign you had its site to increase browsing. and they show shoppers items they think think might be interested in. and there are selections people put on their lists they could buy later. the redesign is similar to the
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way pip trust -- pin trust uses them. san francisco district attorney george gas cone is asking newly in-stated sheriff ross mirkarimi to recuse himself for some of his duties. he wants him to a point somebody -- appoint somebody else to oversee domestic violence cases. he was taken out of service for allegedly bruising his wife's arm. he needs to oversee all domestic violence related work... >> sheriff ross mirkarimi said he will have a quote legal response to gas cone's request and in the meantime he will fully return to his duties on
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monday. nfl says the 9ers will be headed back next year. this time the team will come back to the jacksonville jaguars and he is staying right in the middle of the regular season. sal, it is quite the road trip and they have to go across the pond in the middle of that season. >> they will be talking about that for sure, next year may be. let's look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well on 280, mike, getting up to 7 and 880 -- 17 and 880, no major problems there. also it looks good on mission boulevard. well, it is calmer here compared to last night. yesterday we had a mix of thunder showers and most of the bay area got in on it. things are a little calmer and
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we could still see a few showers with breezy conditions. and protesters face off with san francisco police. >> the demonstrations ended with a raid and the arrest of 20 people. also the recent rain leads to some slick roads and why drivers need to be especially careful on this thursday morning. a new development in the 24- year-old case of a missing nine- year-old hayward girl. why this girl's mother thinks she may finally have a break.
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, it's just about 5:30 and a lot of us got a little bit of rain yesterday. >> i heard it. >> yes, this morning and we had a good band going over us. things are a little bit calmer, they could get clipped with a lot of low clouds in place, 60s for many, here is sal. between walnut cream and more on the dumbarton, things look good, let's go back to the
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desk. they are known as the speed freak killers and they are trying to determine if they are responsible for the killing in the latest serial murder. >> reporter: she thinks a bone being tested right now is her daughters saying quote, it is similia logical conclusion. now we are at the hayward police department where we are hoping to hear from investigators later this morning. but this morning, mckayla's mother said how we got here today. she writes in that blog, she wants to thank the mother of another family who also suffered from having their daughter kidnapped. she was just nine years old and her case has gone unsolved. back in 1985, 16-year-old girl was kidnapped from stockton but they were able to get closure when her remains were found in
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a well. her mother spoke back in april about getting closure. >> i didn't want to die and never know where my child was. i want to know where my child is and that's the main important thing. >> her mother didn't just bury the remains, she got most of them tested and according to michale la's mother said they had a bone which was that of a child between the age of five and 13. that bone is undergoing testing to determine if it is kayla's and the mother wrote this, if this precious mother had taken this and laid them to rest without question, we never would have known if this was mckayla. we would have gone the rest of our lives without knowing. now she will know when it testing is complete and that's
5:33 am
what we are hoping to know when they are done today. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. deputies are searching for the gunman who shot a man in the arm. this was on monterey road and people's avenue. the victim was shot in the hand around 3:00 a.m. the bullet traveled up his shoulder but he is expected to survive. rain is likely to blame on interstate 880 in vallejo. they hit a wet spot on the road on their way home from the game. >> we started to fishtail. >> the son said they were just getting on to the freeway and were traveling only 30 miles per hour. they walked away from the crash without any injuries. protesters refused to levees a
5:34 am
dan pulled willing. yesterday they marched from delores park and refused to leave. they hung signs and dropped items from the roof. >> in the process of going through the building police noted several doors had been broken locks damaged and there is also damage to sheetrock. >> protesters say it is not right there are so many unused buildings that could help the homeless and they could face felony charges. fires went door to car warning about the fires. they started a fire in the trash bin and they are concerned the next pier could hurt even kill somebody.
5:35 am
>> just about 11 hours later, another fire was started here. >> reporter: firefighters say it is the 9th fire started in west san jose in the past two weeks. firefighters tell me they are worried that arsonist could go from trash fires to homes and this woman is worried the fire could spread to her home. >> if the trees kept, it could have fallen over on to homes. >> reporter: firefighters are doing extra -- police are doing he can patrols in the area. you can see in the dumpster a lot of things in it and this dumb terrible was replaced after the previous one was -- dumpster was replaced after the previous one was damaged by
5:36 am
flames. that person is believed to be buried in a parking garage. they pulled one man who was trapped for about 13 hours and has had to am pew trait. two people died and ten others are being treated for injuries. and accusations about performance enhancing drugs, coming up some of the charges in the 200 page report, what armstrong's attorney calls the case against the champion cyclist. they are protecting the most profitable pot club. they are suing over shutting down harbor health center. they are trying to stop them from seizing the medical marijuana dispensary building. they paid more than a million dollars in city taxes last year. the subway is getting $942
5:37 am
million in federal funding and that is the announcement from finestein and ray la hood. a group of critics called the project a waste of month my. >> let's check in with sal and see how we are looking so far, hey, sal? mike, pam, we are doing okay so far and let's look at what we have so far, this is 880 north and southbound which is looking good and i also noticed it was damp from last night's rain in oakland. so just be careful out there. san francisco, 101 northbound looks good getting up to the 880 split with no major issues. and there was a splash, now it is only to the right but it is kind of an unusual turn.
5:38 am
it is better after in marin by the way. and in the sierra, it is moved out into the pacific but could be an isolated shower and another band may plan more towards the south basement there are numerous reports of hail and in san jose, half-moon bay, good thunderstorm activity and last night thunderstorms rumbled off the sierra nevada and we could see some like that. i would think collar moving south put under that there is a pig fog bank with 50s on the temperatures and everybody is reporting cloudy skies. the majority of rain is now
5:39 am
south of us and still there is a lot of moisture coming in the -- into the sierra. a cool day is expected and there is a mother load coming from the sierra and we'll see if it makes it, if that low stalls it could certainly happen later today. 60s for a lost people and a few 70s and if you are heading to the amount ofs game i don't think it matters. upper 50s -- heading to the a's game i don't think it matters. upper 50s and warmer inland as we head towards sunday and monday. pam, mike? the numbers that could be great news for the unemployed. san francisco sailor is
5:40 am
demanding hundreds of thousands after rescuing this boat. and an injury, you can see traffic is back up into novato. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. today hayward police plan to discuss a possible new clue in the 1988 kidnapping of mckayla garret. they told her a bone fragment
5:43 am
is being tested after that fragment was found in a sandovally well. people on manner lane said they put out a fire in a trash bin. this is the same area where firefighters had gone door to door warning people the day before. fires could hurt possibly even kill somebody. and it is an amazing come back. the a's beat the giants, they win 8-3 and both were playing in the deciding game -- both are playing in the deciding game later today. the mother of a former navy seal killed in libya asked mitt romney to stop talking about her son. >> i have met some wonderful people, one was a former navy
5:44 am
seal. glenn doorty, and we chatted for a while... >> his mother does not want mitt romney to us his debt as a political agenda. he said he will respect the wishes of his mother. and the vice-president will meet for their one and only debate. she says the steaks are high for them. >> reporter: that's right, pam, it is the face off and the outcome of the vice- presidential debate could shift the outcome and momentum. it is now focused on denville kentucky in tonight's face off. republican vice-presidential hopeful paul ryan does not deny
5:45 am
vice-president joseph biden has considerably more experience but the sitting vp does have an achilles heel. >> i noel attack us but the problem he has is, he has to run on president barack obama's record. >> the steaks are high. >> reporter: asocialsly -- especially after the record he was widely notorious. he must avoid making one of the well documented gaps. >> unchain wall street. >> they are going to put you all back in chains. >> it is up to 70 million people and so all debates are tough but i am looking forward to it. >> president barack obama says he has confidence in his running mate.
5:46 am
>> congressman ryan is a smart and effective speaker but his ideas are the wrong ones and joe understands that. >> despite the different political views they my know each other -- they know each other from capitol hill and they actually get along quite well. i am sandra endo, ktvu channel 2 morning news back to you. and we will watch it here and casey anthony will follow after the debate. we have new details, the woman accused of killing michelle le, they heard the recording shortly after michelle le disappeared. in it you can hear giselle esteban crying and laughing and
5:47 am
asking if she is a suspect. the interview was trouble willing and raised a lot more questions. they have found a body in a field near denver but do not know if it is linked to the disappearance of jessica ridgway. yesterday afternoon they believe she was kidnapped by a stranger and they also said they do not think her parents had anything to do with her disappearance. the u.s. anti-doping agency issued a 200 page report detailing armstrong's alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. the report claims teammates turned hotel rooms into blood transfusion centers. armstrong's wife is accused of handing cortisone pills. he has already been admitted --
5:48 am
he has admitted publically he has been using performance enhancing drugs for years. he says it has been the norm and has been suspended from racing and it could tarnish his accomplishments which include four top finishes and three vick this super. >> he believes he should get at least $200,000 for rescuing the boat. he saw it and brought it back last night in the middle of the night. folk and energy have been trying negotiate to no avail. we will go back to sale. what do we have, sal? >> southbound 101, you can see it coming town from novato.
5:49 am
at one point they blocked more than this and they moved it off to the side to take a look at it and usual hi this isly going to surprise somebody. it was here just a few minutes ago and there is a little bit of await at the pay gate. traffic looks good to fremont, no problems into san jose. 549, let's go to steve. an area of low pressure continues to drift and some goes east to west and we could see some of that later today and more likely it is heading south. gilroy picked up three quarters
5:50 am
of an inch of rain. mountain view santa cruz .08 just to name a few. thunderstorms have moved out and it will take another day before it is completely moved out of the picture. a big cloud bank with a very cool and breezy day. gathering strength right on the side of the sierra could come back in here but there is a definite sea breeze in place with 50s on the temperatures, it is also in al and san diego. there is a lot of low clouds over us and some of that moisture can clip it and also
5:51 am
tonight. for else everybody for everybody else it will be cool and price i and a little bit of a warmup sunday and monday inland. u.s. jobless claims dropped to the lowest level in four years. they are down 30,000 from the week before and it comes as a surprise to most economists. they say hiring is on the rise and it is the first time it has been he will below since 2009. the number of foreclosure notices have dropped slightsly with 18 5,000 people receiving foreclosure notifications and california unfortunately remains the state with the second largest number of the state with the largest number
5:52 am
of foreclosures. and in 2005, homeowners pulled ought spending much of it on locations and cars. we are learning what was next. and big deals and this one can be a black eye for wal-mart and if you have not heard, you can download news to go. just click on the icon and watch all of the news live so you be can -- you can be connected any time, anywhere with.
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. good morning, a lot of thunderstorm activity, a lot of 60s on the temperatures. a san jose woman is being -- hand hose -- a san jose woman is being treated for burns. three other people made it out safely without any other injuries and others were on the second floor and they are investigating the cause. wal-mart workers are thought to be on strike if wal-
5:56 am
mart does not improve their working continues. they approved it in arkansas yesterday and workers at stores across the country included in the bay area walked off the job. they announced they could hold protests on many days when they are trying to get those holiday deals. it is probably a controlled burn. it is also 4 miles north and the burn is set to begin at 10:00 this morning. the sea lie and that was rescued from pier 11 after they found a plastic packing strap around his neck. he is doing better now that, that strap is gone and they say
5:57 am
the strap ended up around his neck when he was much smaller. it has left a wound and he could be released as early as next week. 6:00 dropping on the door and we have another look at traffic, here is more. they have moved the crash off the freeway and they are taking rain storms off to the side but it is cause slow traffic from novato to central san rafael. and on sunole grade, that traffic looks good and westbound 80 looks good from -- 880 looks good coming from the valley. a man killed in yemen, where he is and why officials believe disappeared. she has never had been found and we have a new twist
5:58 am
for mckayla. >> and we have forecasted very cool temperatures, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic. lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
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lysol. mission for health.

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